Reserve Selection - Xingyang Black

In the spring, the cooler climate of Xinyang is famous for producing Maojian green tea. However, on account of an especially short harvest period, farmers began producing black tea in the Summer and Autumn months, employing production methods learned through collaboration with experts from Fujian. The thinly rolled leaves of our premium Organic Xinyang Hong Cha produce a coppery red colour when infused, revealing a complex aroma with enduring notes of dark cocoa, malt, spice, honey and a hint of rye.
Amount of Tea: 2.6/100ml. Water Temperature: 86°C . Number of Infusions: 2. Infusion Time: 1: 2mins, 2: 1mins50s. Consume without milk.
Packaged in Australia from imported ingredients. Ingredients: Oolong tea. Package Size: 100gm. Product Code: TERS-BXY-LL100