Reserve Selection - Darak Green

Our Darak Green Tea is cultivated on the enchanting slopes of Jiri Mountain in the Hadong Valley, South Korea. This sophisticated tea is cultivated by the Cho family, founders of Korea’s original tea manufacturing company. The name "Darak", translates as "enjoy tea", and was originally created exclusively for the King’s indulgence. Darak Green Tea is hand-processed and twice roasted, unveiling a majestic yellowish green colour and permeating an inviting savoury aroma enhanced by a complex and enduring taste.
Amount of Tea: 1.4/100ml. Water Temperature: 78°C . Number of Infusions: 1. Infusion Time: 1: 2mins45s. Consume without milk.
Packaged in Australia from imported ingredients. Ingredients: Green Tea. Package Size: 100gm. Product Code: TERS-GDA-LL100